Our goals



- To foster a fruitful and long-lasting exchange

   between students, teachers and parents


- To really get to know each other and to maintain

  relationships with those we’ve already met


- To broaden students’ minds already at an early age


- To learn to find solutions in a team while working

  together on projects and coping with difficulties 


- To develop a deep understanding of other people

  and their culture by living in host families  


- To get the chance to form our own opinion

  of the culture and the respective way of living 


- To experience constructive encounters with other people 


- To overcome cultural biases 


- To acquire a high level of social competence


- To enable friendship 


- To foster mutual respect, tolerance and peaceful cooperation 




The German-Omani exchange programme is intended to serve supra-individual, interscholastic purposes but it is also meant to be of service to the participating schools, their students and teachers as well as to student’s families. The positive experiences we have already had reinforce our resolve 


  • That the encounters of students and teachers from different cultures enhance mutual understanding and tolerance towards other ways of life and other moral concepts, including religious traditions and conventions 
  • That the learning processes in the context of the exchange help to overcome prejudices but also to challenge specific cultural stereotypes 
  • That these processes help to appreciate not only the achievements of the respective foreign culture but also one’s own political and social institutions 
  • That the stereotypes conveyed by various sorts of media can be challenged by authentic experiences in real life situations 
  • That the exchange provides the opportunity to get to know different schools systems and to consider their advantages and disadvantages  


The guests living in host families, the cooperative projects in class, mixed groups developing solutions for problems concerning political and cultural situations in the pupils’ native and host countries, exploratory trips out on the country as well as the experience of a sociological reality that is foreign in many aspects and is accompanied by intense pre-departure workshops; all this provides a highly formative extension of horizons and great advances in soft skills for the individual that can then serve as a multiplier of new knowledge and altered values inside and outside of their familial environment.

We hope that some of the acquaintances will eventually become friendships and that the participants will be encouraged to visit each other in the future. Many of the young people, who are part of today’s student exchange will fulfill important tasks in the fields of economy and politics in the future so that they might one day help to establish relationships between the two nations which are characterized by mutual respect and tolerance. 



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