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Najim Al Timami

Chairman ofthe Board
Ahmad bin Majid Private School



Dear visitors,


Our world is steadily growing closer together. In living together with people from

different cultural backgrounds and in a common international cooperation there is

a need for intercultural competence in order to enable a successful and appropriate

coexistence and cooperation with individuals and groups from other cultures.

Respect, appreciation and the knowledge of daily customs in other cultures are

essential for lasting business relations and coexistence in a peaceful world.

As early as in their school time, young people should be prepared for this.

Sabel has made it their mission. 


Pupils and teachers of the Sabel School in Munich visited the Ahmad bin Majid School in Oman

for the first time in 2010. Aside from the Omani school life the children got to know the

family life in their Arab host families. They also enjoyed an exciting excursion program

which enabled them to experience culture and religion in museums, mosques and old forts.

The Omani pupils also visited Munich a year later. 


Speeches and talks concerning the Arab and German way of life, culture and tradition

further contributed to a successful outcome of the mutual exchange.


I am delighted that we now can publish a proper website and have the

Federal Foreign Office support the exchange of our schools.

We will maintain the exchange in the future in order to do our part for a more peaceful world.


Najim Al Timami, Wolf-Dietrich Pfaelzer